Saturday, April 20, 2013

Did You Know You Could Do That With A Pecan?!!

       Now, I've done some things, in my day, with pecans. Georgia pecans to be exact! :-) That's where I'm originally from...Georgia. Pecan trees lined the streets in some areas in Georgia!
      That being the case, Georgians were required to not only love pecans, but to bake with pecans, eat pecans off the ground after their outer husk had fallen off, toast and eat pecans with a little salt and water sprinkled on them, and put pecans on top of ice cream and all manner of stuff good for the belly! :-)
       Okay...maybe it wasn't a requirement exactly! But considering the amount of pecans we ate when I was growing up, people might've thought it 'was' a requirement!! ^_^ 
      But one thing I've never done with pecans is make jewelry out of them! That's why that gorgeous pecan necklace in my header photo caught my eye! :-)
      Anyway!...I have pecans on the brain today because I've got to make something with these...

     My girlfriend, whose parents moved down to Georgia a few years ago, gave me these delicious pecans she got from her parents! :-) ...

     I've been eating a couple at a time, here and there. But I haven't eaten many because getting the meat of the pecan out is a process!...A painstaking, sometimes-hurt-my-fingers process!...I have to crack the shell, remove the inner woody pecan meat dividers, pick out the pieces of pecan with a nutcracker spike, etc. The only part that's not hard about the process is the chewing and the swallowing part! LOL
      So, I've got to do the time-consuming, painful, work of making something good to eat with them soon though, before they dry up and be no good for the 'chewing and swallowing part'! ^_^ So I went onto Etsy to get some ideas for what I should make. And, as usual, there were lots of pecan laden ideas...starting with my favorite, cookies! :-) ...

       But then there were pralines... 'au natural' idea!... idea with a little 'kick' to it!...peach preserves and peach liquor!...

     ...An idea with a marriage of dried dates and apricots...

    ...and an idea that involved some Belgian chocolate! :-) ...

       Let me just say, it's not gonna be as easy a process as clicking the "Add To Cart" button and ordering them, but my house is probably gonna be smelling pretty pecan good!! :-) ... But not today!
     Today I'm gonna just keep myself calm and pain free! It's been a pretty rough week for me...And having the television full of the chase to find the second suspect of the bombing incident in Boston...which, by the way, they did find and arrest him last night...hasn't done anything good for my state of calm!...It wasn't near where I live anyway. It was a couple of hours away. But it was the only thing on the local television stations most of the night!!
    My television was off this morning!...I plan to do a little crocheting and make some phone calls, and nothing else today! NOTHING!!! :-] What are you doing this weekend?!...Have a good one, Everybody! {By the way, the poem below is in reference to my upcoming medical tests that are 'upcoming' waaaaay too soon! LOL}

I Wish I Could Wave Off The Time

I wish I could wave off the time
the way you wave off a fly about to land.
Just 'poo poo' appointments I'm dreading
with a flick and a wave of the hand.

If only the time went unnoticed,
like 'extras' on some movie set.
One shot it's as if they were coming,
the next shot they've not gotten there yet.

I'm dreading the phone calls and chatting,
as if time has somehow just stood still.
I wish I could wave off the ticking,
and hours of quiet to fill.

I know soon the day will be over.
The consciousness is in this rhyme.
Still I'm dreading the fact that it's coming,
and I wish I could wave off the time. 


  1. This makes my mouth water!!! I had pecans in my oatmeal this morning. I love them!! Have a great day!

    We're painting and working on the bathroom again. Will it ever get done??!! LOL

    1. YUM!!...Pecans in oatmeal!!! Add peaches and it's a party in your mouth!! ^_^ ... I sure hope you share some photos of before and after when your bathroom is done! It's gonna be a 'doozy'! I can almost see it in my mind's eye! :-)

  2. I love pecans! Those turtles are calling my name! I sitting here thinking how hungry I am and just realized in never ate lunch...duh! It's 5 o'clock now so I'm off to make some dinner. No pecans in my house but a pot of homemade soup is have a good weekend. I was going to do lots of outdoor work today but it snowed this morning and I was too busy crying about it!!! It's going to get nice again soon, but I'm sick of cold and snow. I bet you are too! Rest up!

    1. I love pecans too, Yaya! Especially toasted some chocolate and caramel turtles!! ^_^ ... I saw that pot of soup on your blog...YUM!! Deliver please!...But you can keep that snow!! :-))

  3. Yes I do remember the Pecans! But from SC but I have to say I was near Savannah GA. Love that memory thanks Deb!

    1. SC...Georgia...almost the same thing! ^_^ And I think toasted pecans on top of your banana bread would be a score!! LOL


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