Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's Not Pancakes, But I'm Still Excited!!

      No, it's not pancakes! :-)) The pancakes are coming though! Hubby's already in the kitchen!...We're eating early, and getting all of our other morning stuff done, because "Company's Coming! Company's Coming!" LOL
       I remember my grandmother hollering that when I was little, when someone was expected for a visit. ^_^ I thought about it yesterday when I talked to my sister and she said she was coming by today. It's been a while! I'm excited!
       But that's not the 'excited' I was talking about in the header title. 'That' excited was the signs of Spring! I'm excited that I'm finally seeing signs in the backyard that it's not only here, but it's planning to stay a while! :-)
       Flowers are starting to pop up along the edge of the woods...and grow taller!...

      Leaves are starting to fill in my little tree outside my window...

      Pretty soon I won't be able to see through my little tree! :-) All I'll be able to see is my colorful little birds...and hummingbirds! :-)

    There's even little blue flowers growing already in hubby's flower bed...They may have to go though... :-( ...He's already gotten some seeds for whatever flowers he's putting in there..."Grow, little flowers, GROW!!!...Maybe you'll be too pretty to pull up!" ^_^

     Whatever! ^_^ ... Ahhhhhhhhhh!...I'm just glad to see some growth...of any kind! It means that Spring is finally opening up it's suitcase, and putting the clothes in the drawers!!! LOL....ACHOO!!!!!....O_O ...Uh Oh!!...Maybe I shouldn't be all that excited about it!! ^_^
        Tomorrow I have something else that's really exciting to share. It's a gift I was given yesterday!...In fact, I might need your help!...Stay tuned!...And have a good rest of the weekend! :-) ... Now...PANCAKE SUNDAY can begin!!! ^_^ 

Waffle Snob?!

I love the way the pancake runs
right off the side and down my plate!
But on a waffle it just sits
like sticky blocks in a crate!

I love the way a pancake looks,
like it's soft to the touch.
But that thing with lumpy grooves?...
I mean a waffle, not so much!

I like the way a pancake
almost melts in your mouth!
But a trip across my tastebud with a waffle?
...heading south!

Buttering a waffle
 is like corn on the cob.
The ears are perked up,
but it's a messy, slow moving job!

One day I'm sure I'll like 'em,
if they can stay warm enough.
But for now, let's just say,
Waffles get my nose rebuff!


  1. Wonderful post Debbie, this is a great time of year when everything starts coming alive.
    Thank You for featuring my painting of the pancakes.

    1. Thank YOU, Pat! :-) Your pancakes 'looked' almost as good as mine 'tasted'....ALMOST!! ^_^


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