Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday Date Night Day...And Our "Silly" Wish List!

         According to the dictionary, to 'wish' is to have a desire for something that's unattainable...Now, as a general rule, my mind doesn't deal well with 'unattainables'! My feeling is usually that if it's unattainable, that means that it's just unattainable 'NOW'! :-) I see possibility in just about anything!
    But when I was talking to my hubby before we got up this morning, I realized that there were a few things that I was wishing about that just might NOT be attainable now or ever!...and we wish they were! ^_^
      So, since it's 'Friday Date Night' day....and because...Hey! I don't have anything else to talk about right now...or should I say, nothing that I 'want' to talk about!...I figured talking about our 'silly' wish lists was as good as anything! ^_^
     And when I say 'silly' that means that things as serious as world peace and an end to prejudice are off the table for discussion. I certainly wish those things existed now...and they don't!...but they're on my 'attainable-in-the-near-future' list. :-)  
       For conversation today, I'm gonna name my three 'silliest' wishes, and then three of my hubby's...which still have me scratching my head. :-))

1. I wish that feelings had colors, and that the colors showed on people when they were feeling a particular way. In other words, if somebody was feeling happy they'd be all kinds of bright color shades of the rainbow! :-) ... And if they were sad, they'd be a charcoal gray...or pewter color!...I mean, wouldn't you just like to know what mood people were really in when you were dealing with them?!..."Ooooo! The boss is mad today. Look at that fire engine red!! O_O"...."Awww. Sally needs cheering up today. She's showing her blues."

2. I wish that husband's had a ticker tape scroll going across their foreheads, so that when you said stuff to them you could see what they were 'really' thinking...not what they 'tell you' they're thinking! LOL...And maybe we could put a 'Program Note' button on it! that wives could insert things that they want them to hear more than once!! color! LOL

3. I wish that all tasty fast food was good for you!...I mean why is it that tofu and green leafy vegetables are the ones carrying all the nutrients! ^_^ Wouldn't you love to see a commercial for pizza that said: 'Pizza! For the healthy, on-the-go, person!!' :-)

       And here are my husband's three wishes:
1. He wished that cars could fold up into a briefcase when you got to where you were going, so that when you couldn't find a parking space, you could get out, hit a button, the car would fold up into a briefcase, and you could pick it up and go to your appointment. could go back outside, push another button, have the car pop out, and you could take off! :-) ... But, of course, my husband being who he is, this conversation went on and on...into designer Rolls Royce briefcases, and the ability to take different briefcases with you, so that you could get to your appointment in a mid-size car, and leave in a luxury car...depending on where your next appointment was! LOL...Sounded like the 'Jetsons' to me!! ^_^

2. He wished that people had the ability to grow their missing body parts back, like lizards!....Uhhh. This one had me scratching my head!..until he got serious on me, and said he was thinking of the people in Boston who lost their limbs in the bombing :-( ...I'm glad he was thinking of something thoughtful like that...Not like me, who was thinking about maybe having people grow 'extra' body parts!!...brains for instance! LOL Some people need an extra one of those!!

3. He wished that animals could talk!...Not the mimicking kinda talking that some animals do, after being fed treats and prompted by their owners...but 'real' talking! :-] I assured him that I didn't wanna hear that!! LOL Could you imagine the repetitive conversation that birds and dogs would be having?! O_O YIKES!!! They would drive humans NUTS!!!....Hmmm...wonder what we've been doing to them with our conversation?! LOL...Anyway! I think this wish of hubby's came from seeing this video the other day...

     He was sure the lion was having a conversation with one of the other lions a few minutes before this...about getting lunch! :-)) 


     My baby! :-) He has his own way of thinking about things. That's why I like traveling this life with him. It's never boring...and it's always a colorful journey. Especially on Fridays! :-) Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

If you don't have time for a poem

If you don't have time for a poem...
(not to write one, I mean to emote)...
then you don't have time to be sitting
and reading this short little note.

You don't have time for a 'breather',
to pause for a small bit of rest.
No time for a moment's reflection.
No time for a giggle and jest.

You don't have the time some are wasting,
with schedules that they have to keep.
No time to be spending on verbage,
whether shallow or thoughtfully deep.

If you don't have time for a poem,
Then you don't have time for me!
So get up and get yourself going,
there's somewhere that you ought to be!!


  1. ♫ My wish for that this life becomes all that you want it to. Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small... ♫

    Love that song! I'm with you on the wishing that all the food that tasted good was good for you!! And wouldn't make me fat, I might add! LOL

    Enjoy your day and have a great date night!

    1. Ohhh...don't you love those words!!! :-] They're like a poem, with music...And Oh Yeah! I forgot about the 'fat' part with the tasty food, didn't I?!! ^_^ ... Have a good day, Bead!!! ♥


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