Friday, April 19, 2013


    As you can see, my backyard is not smiling as much today. It's wrapped in a bit of fog and cloud at the moment...but whatever! I'm still good! ^_^ I got my sun yesterday!

     I almost didn't noticed what was going on out there this morning anyway! I woke up and immediately hit the books!...I'm finishing up a talk for my meeting. I've been putting it together in my head for days, and I finally had to put it down on to speak. :-] I actually typed it out on the computer.
     The subject matter is 'will people of all races ever truly be united as brothers and sisters'. I put all of my thoughts and scriptures together already All I have to do now is make sure the timing is right. I have five minutes. It's a lot of information to shrink down to five minutes, but I'm on it!! ^_^

       I won't be going out of town for my 'virtual date' tonight, so I'll have time to work on the talk some more. I've got another appointment this afternoon that's keeping me close to home...And I've got more crocheting to do too! I showed you the start of this boutonniere yesterday...

     It came out pretty cute! :-) And all it did was encourage me to make more!!! LOL...

     Yes, I know I'm gonna have to stop making them eventually! ^_^ But right now the possibilities seem to be endless as to color combinations I can try!! ^_^

      In fact, I have some three-color combinations still on the table that I haven't this navy blue, turquoise, and olive green one! :-) ...

     Hey! I have to see flowers somewhere!! :-)) 

    That's all I got today, people! Fog...a talk...and more flower boutonnieres! ^_^ What do you have?!...I hope whatever it is, that it includes you having a good weekend! ♥

It All Went Away In A Fog

I dreamed I was writing my blog,
in the middle of an old Irish bog.
There came a woof! woof!
and the pounding of hoof,
and it all went away in a fog.

The next night I was out for a jog,
and again heard that same old dog!
I took off down the street,
hid in golden high wheat,
and it all went away in a fog.

I awoke eating just like a hog,
having wine with a spicy cheese log.
Giving numerous naps,
and the dog all my scraps,
it all went away in a fog!

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