Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wanted To Share My Treasures With You!

     Okay....Yes! My treasures in the morning 'do' start sometimes with breakfast food! ^_^ And this morning they started with cheesy, cheesy grits, eggs, and crisp delicious bacon!!!...

      No! It's not all of my treasures!...But it's a good place to start. So I did!! :-)

     I've got something that I 'have' to do RIGHT NOW! I'll come back in a little while and add the other treasures to the post! :-) See you in a little while!


       Okay, I'm back! ^_^ Now I can show you the rest of my treasures!...

       They were all included in this new treasury entitled Quite The Adventure by Leslie, of elbowsdesigns.  

        Okay, I admit it! I may be a slight bit partial to this treasury because my little double color lapel pin was in it!...but only slightly partial...because it's actually a great treasury all on it's own merit! :-)

     But look at the treasures!!...

     Pretty good, right?!!!! :-) Was it worth waiting for?!...Don't answer! ^_^ But if the your head...was "YES!" then go on over to the individual shops and let the owners know!! :-]
       Now I can move on down the finish some studying, and a couple of other boutonnieres I have to make. YOU move on down the road now too! ^_^ And thank you for walking with me...even though I was dragging along there for a while! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

No Rhyme Or Reason

I've never written a poem
that didn' have a rolling rhyme.
In my head that's how I see words.
Rhyming lines come every time!

No matter what the subject,
'food', 'crochet', 'hubby's bike'.
In my mind I have to find
a word that kinda sounds alike!

Have I written words on paper
without rhyming every word?!
Yes I have! About my father,
and my backyard hummingbird.

But when I think of poems
I can almost tap my feet...
as if music is now playing,
and I'm rhyming to a beat!

Is this every Poet's way?!
I don't know. I just know ME!
But if I wrote about it now,
it would be a rhyming soliloquy! 


  1. Your breakfast looks great! Can you tell I'm hungry?? Not much time to eat today.
    Thanks for showing off my earrings and the treasury we shared!
    Have a wonderful rest of the day.

    1. Go get something to eat, my friend!!! ^_^ And you're welcome! Enjoy your meeting too!


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