Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Determined To Smile Today....DETERMINED!!

         Yes...I'm sure you've noticed...that things over the last week or more have been testing my ability to find something to smile about! Yeah!...But today I am determined to smile....DETERMINED I tell you!! :-) And hopefully you'll be smiling with me at the end of this post. :-)
       The very first thing I found to smile about was the view out of my window early this morning...I saw sun!! :-) And to make it official, and not be the 'oopsy' that burst my 'sunshiny-determined-to-smile' bubble, I turned to the weather report. Yep! it's official! We're suppose to get up to 64 degrees of sunny skies today! YEAH!! :-) 
      I think the plants and flowers around here got the memo about the sunshiny skies too, because look!!...

      ...there are...all of a sudden!...little buds opening up on the trees!...

       ...and can you see them in the distance?!...

        You may have to click the photo to enlarge it so you can see them, but there are two little yellow flowers growing along the edge of the woods!! :-)...I could've gotten hubby to go out and get me some close ups of them, but that would've delayed my breakfast! ^_^ And since I'm actually keeping solid food down now, and I'm hungry!...I opted for my breakfast instead! LOL
        Grits, sausage, scrambled eggs, and cinnamon raisin English muffins!...

      ...and green tea, with honey and lemon, of course! :-) Breakfast wouldn't be totally something to smile about without my tea chaser!!

      Now, here's a little Etsy to smile about! :-) ...

      I know that I don't have the little shoulders, or physique, for a cute shrug like this one, but somebody out there does!! :-) That's enough for me to smile about...and enough for me to show it off so someone else can smile about it!!

     And this red and white twine made me smile......just because! :-) ...

      I could almost see my packages wrapped up with it!...presuming I ever sell anything else! O_O ....DELETE PAST COMMENT!!! I'm keeping it positive...and smile worthy today!! :-) Speaking of which...

     ...I'm working on a couple of new boutonnieres today!...

     This one is gonna have a coffee brown center, with the rest of the flower being in this soft very light topaz color...

     I'll show you the finished result tomorrow. That way I'll have something to smile about tomorrow too! :-)

    As a footnote, my thoughts go out to the people who lost loved ones in the Boston Marathon explosion, and the Texas plant explosion this morning. :-( ...*sigh*...The news is really making it tougher and tougher to find things to smile about these days!...But I will!!!...Have a good day, Everybody!


Sometimes you expect a little 'This', and you get 'That'.
Sometimes you will wave away some dust, but it's a gnat.

Sometimes it's an image in the distance that's right here.
Sometimes all the straining isn't worth the things you hear.

Sometimes you will find that 'pretty bad' has got a perk.
Sometimes a vacation is the thing that you call work.

Sometimes conversation meant to heal can go too far.
and sometimes on reflection you are happy who you are.

Sometimes poetry can be so random, and yet deep.
And sometimes it's, upon reflection, thoughts you ought to keep.


  1. Glad you're getting sunshine today. All we have is rain....LOTS of it!!! But I have to say, you feeling better and eating that great breakfast, which, by the way, looks delicious, makes me smile. I also don't have small shoulders, but I know what you mean about that shrug. How pretty!!
    I also know what you mean about the twine. Love it, but without selling anything (slowest it's been in 2 years), I don't need to buy any more supplies right now. Maybe it's time to do a destash again. Sell out some of my old stuff. I don't know. Enough said about that!!
    Have a wonderful day!! :D

    1. Yeah, it's good to see some sunshine, but it's still going in and out today. That's okay though. I'm feeling better and that's all that matters! :-) I'm sorry you're having rain, though...Oh well, maybe we'll both get tons of sales and all will be right in the world! ^_^ NOT GONNA HAPPEN TODAY!!...but whatever! LOL Grab a smile somewhere and have a good rest of the day my dear friend! ♥ :-)

  2. I'm glad you choose to smile..the news of the world makes me want to cry..but I think we can't let evil win here...we must remember all the good and all the good people who rushed in to help everyone that was hurt. I hope you do get tons of sales today and this week and I'm glad you're feeling better. So smile girl, smile!

    1. Hi Yaya...Yeah, the news makes me wanna cry too. But if I only cried whenever bad things were happening to people I'd be swimming in a pool of tears 24/7!! :-( There's soooooo much to cry about!!...No. We have to find something to smile about in order to keep our sanity! Having a sure hope of a better future makes all the difference, and gives me my best reason to smile my way through it....By the way, no sales today...but I'm still smiling! :-)


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