Monday, April 29, 2013

A Gift From 1905!!

      No, this cute little silver bird is not the gift I'm talking about! This little bird is just so cute that I just had to share him! ^_^ I like the idea of getting 'function' and 'cute' in the same item...even if I don't have any bottles that I would use it on! LOL...In fact, are there any real bottles left in the world?!! ^_^

      There may not be any real bottles left in the world, but there are pens and real pencils!....somewhere!! ^_^ And I found out, while I was doing a web search yesterday, that the gift I was just given by a girlfriend just might be an old pen and pencil case!...

      Isn't it cute?!! :-)  I love it!! :-) ... But I'm a little afraid to use it too much, because I'm not sure if it's valuable or not...It's wooden, with little dots, and a ribbon design with the name B.B. Gidley inside of it. It also has something that looks like I love N.Y. on the front...or something to that effect...(I can't completely make it out).
       When you turn it on it's side...LOOK!!! :-) ...

      ...Flowers!! :-) ... The flowers is probably the reason my girlfriend gave it to me! :-) ...CUTE!!!

     And on both ends of it is the date 1905...

     Help, somebody!!...Do you know anything about my little case?!...Here's some more clues...The top middle piece, with the name, slides off...

     ...It has what looks like an ink well at the hold...Oh, I don't know...INK maybe! ^_^

     ...and it has all kinds of compartments when you twist and turn it!...

    The compartments don't have pens and pencils in them though. They have metal crochet hooks...the kind you do tiny needlework my boutonnieres! :-)

     AND...there's also two measuring sticks and some crochet hooks that look like they're made out of bone or ivory! They have a lot of turning-tool design work on them. But I couldn't really find anything about them online...probably because I don't know what I'm looking for!! ^_^

     One of the measuring rulers is the slide piece under the bottom of the box...

     Oh Yeah!...when you slide the top piece, with the name, find that it's TWO pieces put together...

    ...One end says "Notes"...When you flip it over to the other side...WOW!!...

      ...There's a list of the 'Kings and Queens of England, from William the Conqueror to Edward the Seventh.'... you know anything about it?!...If so, please leave me a comment. I'm completely at a loss, but I would really like to know what I have...and if my going in and out of it for different size needles to crochet with is gonna de-value it! O_O

      Okay...moving on!...Tomorrow I have some really cute items to share with you that I found on Etsy!...and I have some personal news to share too! :-) ... That's kind of redundant to say, isn't it. Everything I talk about here is personal!! ^_^ So, let's just's NEW personal! LOL...See you tomorrow!...Have a good Monday!! :-)

Ode To Flowers

Ode to all loved flowers,
whatever color, shape or form.
You enthrall with sheer delight!
At other times, make my heart warm.

Whether photographed or made,
growing tall out in the yard;
In a vase or porch-side planter,
or just naturally unmarred;

Please know you always make me smile,
and lift my mood when I am down.
The world would be a different place
without a lot of you around! 


  1. Thank you very much for sharing our cute little bird and link our shop on your post Deb, we are really happy to see it here :)
    About your pencil case, I don't know about its value, but I think it is a school pencil box and that the name carved on it B.B Gidley it is the name of its owner (I would say a girl :)), the other letters M.Y could be more initials, and the third one I can't read it from the pictures but it doesn't look to me to read 'I love'.
    These school boxes were popular on that Era of Edward VII,and these one it is very original for the notes with the list of kings and the ruler attached.
    The first compartments used to be for pencils or pens,the shorter ones to hold pen nibs or just pen bodies, and the smallest one for a eraser or other small things.
    I think she carved her own design on it and as there I don't see many traces of ink, maybe she (or someone else) just used it to hold her crochet needles, the same thing you can do now with it. I hope I helped a bit.
    Enjoy your cute case full of history. :)

    1. Hello! :-) It was my pleasure to share your cutie cute cute birdie! ^_^ And thank you so so much for all of the information. It was very helpful!...Have a good day! :-]

  2. Poetess, that pencil box is utterly charming! I think Marisa described it well -- I'm sure it's a British pencil box from 1905. I have no idea how valuable it is, but if my friend had given it to me, it would be priceless! I imagine it has some value, just because of its age and that it was at least hand-decorated, even if not hand-made. What a treasure!

    1. Thank you so much for the info! :-) And it already is priceless to me. I just didn't wanna de-value it by over-use!...because OH YEAH! it's gonna get used!! ^_^ Thanks again for taking a look!


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