Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Now That's What I Call Colorful!!

       I love color!!...Oh! Have I said that before?! ^_^ "Uh...YEAH! You have, Wug!!" LOL...Okay, so I may have mentioned once or twice, or 80 or 90 times, that I really love color! LOL But this morning I wanna share with you a shop owner that I think likes color as much as me!..And she apparenting also likes a bit of crocheting....and doing creative projects!...almost as much as me too! :-)
     Her name is Iryna.  Her Etsy shop, irynabat25, is full to the brim with color and creativity! :-) ... I'm not gonna put her whole Etsy shop here on the blog, but trust me...you'll enjoy the 'browse through' if you go over to her shop and look around. :-] 
       I'm just gonna share a couple of items...including these fingerless gloves...

        ...this gorgeous clock rug...

     ...and this colorful...Well, beyond beautiful color...circle rug...

     All of these made me smile this morning! :-) And frankly, I needed a smile this morning. I spent some time on the phone yesterday with some long distance friends. All of the conversations eventually ended on a positive note, but they also ended with me in hubby's arms, spilling a bucket-load of tears. :-(
      Ugh! This old sickly, aggravating, non-dependable world makes me angry sometimes!! Grrrr!...The reason is because I see so many of my friends...friends who wouldn't hurt a fly, and who have given, and given, and given of themselves over the years...going through such hard, un-deserved, struggles!! 
       Cancer, and cancer, and cancer, and CANCER!!!!! :-( It's not easy having and battling cancer, I'm sure! But it's also not easy for the loved ones who have relatives and friends with cancer either! It's like watching your loved one disintegrate in slow motion, right in front of your eyes. :-(
      Ah! I'm sorry to be 'Debbie Downer' this morning. But I was so angry with cancer and illness last night, that I couldn't just do my post as usual today without mentioning it...Yes, I know a lot of you are dealing with illness and problems too. That's why I'm gonna leave you with the words one of my girlfriends said to me last night...Well, both of them said similar things really!...But first let me show you the newest boutonniere in my shop! :-) ...

     Sorry. I had to have SOMETHING positive in this post...after the color...and before the words to live by! :-]
      Anyway!....Both of my girlfriends said, and I'm paraphrasing, 'Just keep doing what you're suppose to do! Oh yeah, life is gonna come at you! But it can't do nothing to you that Jehovah God can't undo in his own due time! And if death is to be, our job until then is to have faith, and keep breathing and living, until we die!'
     Yep!...Agreed! And that's what I plan to do! :-] Besides, I don't have the ability to change things! So, what good would it do to spend my time moping about it! That's not gonna be of any good to anybody! And my friends need me!...Positive....Crazy....Colorful...Old....Me! LOL
      Have a good day, Everybody! And find a way to make a little color show up in someone's life today, will ya!...maybe even your own! :-)

Time Goes By So Fast!

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Before you eat your breakfast,
seems it's yesterday again!

You visit with some friends,
go to work and cut the lawn.
Then you look up from your book
and face another fleeting dawn!

You're planning what's for dinner,
jotting down the grocery list.
You wake up from a nap,
and now you're looking at a mist!

You're getting orders out,
fingers flying with your hook.
You lift your head to see
another day that light has took.

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Make the most out of it,
because it may not come again!


  1. I'm sorry you've gotten so much bad news. It's an epidemic all over the world right now. We can't change it but we can be encouraging to each other. I also try to keep in mind what Jehovah has told us.... that he won't let us be tempted beyond what we can bear, but will make a way out for us to be able to endure. Even if it means we lose our lives in this old world. We know without a doubt that that Jehovah will remember us if we stay faithful. That's the key.... stay faithful and we win, not Satan. Hang in there my friend!

    1. Yeah, I'm sorry about the bad news too, Bead. :-( But unfortunately it's a fact of life these days...bad news is inevitable! I realize that we can't stop it from happening, so we just have to keep our mind right about how we're handling it, and about who we're looking to for solutions!!...Thankfully every day also has something good in it that we can be thankful for...like breathing!! ^_^ And you're also right about Jehovah. He won't let us be tempted beyond what we can bear, and he always makes a way out for us to be able to endure! I've experienced that first hand on more than one occasion!...especially lately! :-) Thanks for the encouragement, my friend. Remember!...stay faithful and we win! :-)


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