Thursday, April 25, 2013

'Wood' You Like To See?!!

      Another day is upon us, People! And, thankfully, ours here in Holyoke is gonna be 'rain free' today! :-] I should say the 'rest' of it will be rain free. We had some rain overnight. I know it was rain, not because I was standing in it getting wet, but because my aching bones told me!!...OUCH!...My aching bones talk too much!! ^_^
     But there's always an 'UP' side. The up side for me today is that I don't have any doctor's appointments, and it's my Thursday meeting night, before my Friday date night! :-) YAY!!!...But WOW! This week went by fast, didn't it?! O_O Let me see....Monday I, no....Tuesday was the day......UGH!....I don't wanna talk about that!....Wednesday, yesterday.....hmmmmm....what 'was' I doing yesterday?! O_O ...See what I mean?!.....FAST!!!! LOL
      Anyway! I'm just gonna focus on 'today' right now.....Today...and some wooden items I've been ogling! :-) 

       They made me smile. Every single one of them! :-) And I always need a new reason to smile with the way things are going in the world these days! YIKES!
      Okay, I'm off to call a friend and do some shopping and date night planning!...Oh Yeah! I also have to practice for the presentation of my talk!!! O_O Nervous?!....Who?!.....Me?!! O_O Do the emoticon eyeballs give me away (O_O)?! LOL...Have a good day, Everybody!

 Time Goes By So Fast!

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Before you eat your breakfast,
seems it's yesterday again!

You visit with some friends,
go to work and cut the lawn.
Then you look up from your book
and face another fleeting dawn!

You're planning what's for dinner,
jotting down the grocery list.
You wake up from a nap,
and now you're looking at a mist!

You're getting orders out,
fingers flying with your hook.
You lift your head to see
another day that light has took.

Time goes by so fast!
It seems to fly just like the wind.
Make the most out of it,
because it may not come again!      


  1. I LOVE that wood accent table!! WOW!!
    Yes...this week did go by fast for sure!! I wish they'd slow down a bit cuz the faster they go by, the older I get!! LOL

    Enjoy your shopping and planning. And I KNOW you'll do a wonderful job on your talk too!! Have a good meeting tonight! :D

    1. Yes, Cindy, I do too!!! I have 80 places I could use it too! ^_^ But I don't have 80 places worth of money! So....No! LOL...By the way, the talk went well! And the meeting was so encouraging!...Talk to you tomorrow. ♥

  2. I love them all. Beautiful items!

    1. Me too, Jerry! Me too!!! :-) And I agree....BEAUTIFUL!


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