Friday, April 5, 2013

And Now...On With The 'Virtual' Day Talking!!

      The sun is out! It's Friday! And I'm feeling pretty good! :-) You know what that means!...plans!!....Plans about what colors I'm gonna use to make some more boutonnieres today!...and plans about where I'm 'virtually' going tonight with my hubby on our date! :-)
       The header photo tell you where my heart is this morning, right?! ^_^ GIVE ME SUNSHINE!!...and some water.....and something good to eat!!! :-) But I also need some music and something cool to look at!...

      And at the end of the day, a cool sunset wouldn't hurt either! :-] 

      Before the date happens though, I've got some talking to do!...Yes, I know I'm already talking! LOL But I'm talking about 'other' friends and relatives and the like! ^_^ My father's brother-in-law passed away a few days ago. They buried him yesterday. :-( I wanna talk to my dad about what he's gonna do with himself now. 
        His brother-in-law was his 'hanging buddy'. You know, the person he liked to hang out, play cards, and 'shoot the breeze' with (talk). What is my dad gonna do now, when he wants to get away from his house where they're driving him crazy?! O_O He won't have brother-in-law's house to hide out at anymore...*sigh*
        And just to update you, my girlfriend's surgery went well...Well, as 'well' as tongue surgery for cancer can go! :-( I just got off the phone from talking to her though, and there's more bad news this morning. :-( Not her health issue this time. It's one of her long time 'furry friends'...Her little doggie died this morning. :-(
      That old expression that says 'when it rains, it pours' is unfortunately very true! Good happens in spurts, and bad happens in bunches it seems!!...I'm sure that's not true in all cases, but in my happens like that waaaaay more than it should!!
     Anyway!!...on a good note, I was very worried that the doctors were gonna remove her ability to talk for a while, right along with the cancer! But she's good!! This morning we were able to talk about our faith, and about her little 'furry friend'...and shed a tear or two. :-( ...But unfortunately now she's in two different kinds of pain at the same time!....Ugh!...But I still have to be happy that SHE CAN TALK! That's a very 'good' thing! :-] 
        Moving on!....I've also gotta do a little talking about another treasury one of my Wuglyees shop items got chosen for!...

      My crochet scalloped edge fingerless gloves 'snuck' (the past tense of sneak! LOL) right in there! ^_^ ...

      If you wanna see the full treasury, just click on it above!

      Oh Yeah!...These cute leaf earrings are in there too! :-) ...

       Okay, I'm done talking...for now! LOL I'm off to get a package shipped...YES! I sold something...2 days in a row!!! :-) Maybe the boutonniere trend 'isn't' over for good yet!!! ^_^ ... I also wanna apologize for putting the post up so late today, but sometimes people take precedent over the written word....SOMETIMES!!!! ^_^ This morning happened to be one of those times!...Have a good day, Everybody! And a good weekend!! :-)

 Struggle To Raise Your Head

Now, who am I to say
the way that others ought to live;
But my pep talk, to help you through,
I'm  motivated, now, to give.

The struggles of this system
are an alert-to raise your head;
To put one foot before the other,
and not lay down like you are dead.

Many things are just not fair.
They seem to happen just to you;
But is crying and complaining
all that you can find to do?

Use the logic of your mom-
who made you finish every drop,
and think of others who were hungry
for the food you left for slop.

In other words, just say
to yourself-when feeling bad:
"Look at all the other struggles
that the ones I love have had."

It doesn't  make it go away.
It doesn't  make your trials less real;
But it may make you raise your head,
and how you think,-and how you feel!

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