Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From Now On Out...It's My Husband's Cooking ALL THE WAY!!!

       I can't make this stuff up!...UGH!...the stuff...the stuff...that happens to me, I mean!! O_O I'll tell you about the latest thing in a minute. WARNING: It may be 'too much information' for some!
      All I can say is that it's a good thing I have pretty pictures, like the print in my header photo, to look at, in order to give me a sense of calm!...This print is one of the items from an Etsy treasury entitled "Green Bliss", curated by Nevyana. You can check out the full treasury HERE if you like.
    She included my crochet necklace! :-) ...

          My necklaces rarely get any love these days...even from me! :-) it was nice to see it in a treasury, where other people could come by and ogle it! :-]
       I was ogling a few things in the treasury myself! this cute cream and sugar set!...

      Okay...back to my story...Hubby went out to one of the local restaurants yesterday morning, as a surprise, to get breakfast for me. I thought he was missing some ingredient for whatever he was making, and was just going to pick that up! :-) ... That was the sweet part of this story...because nothing else was!! O_O
     I won't tell you the name of the restaurant...because this isn't typical of them...but suffice it to say that a 'quick ready-made delicious breakfast', which was what my hubby was after, it WAS NOT!!! O_O
     Hubby knows I love a good omelet, and he doesn't 'do' omelets well...even though he tries and tries and tries!! ^_^ So he bought me the 'grandaddy' of omelets! It had a ton of vegetables in it...and cheese...and meat!...Good, right?!......WRONG!
     A couple of hours after I ate it, I got this terrible, TERRIBLE pain starting to build in the upper region of my belly. Oh, the pain!! It felt like I had pulled a muscle or something...I mean REALLY pulled it!!
   I didn't connect that it had anything to do with my breakfast initially. We were due to get rain, so I figured I was just having a really bad pain episode because of the rain coming! So I laid down and tried to rest...But the pain wasn't subsiding. O_O In fact, the pain seemed to be radiating to my back!
    Hubby and I starting talking about calling the doctor or going to the emergency room, and gave it a time limit. You know, "If it doesn't start to get better by...we're gonna...". And I laid down again to try to get comfortable, with my C-Pap machine, for my sleep apnea, on my face. mouth started to water over...and over...and over. O_O You know what that means!! Yep! I had to snatch the C-Pap mask off, get a bucket, and up-chuck, throw up, spew, 'toss my cookies'.....VOMIT!!!...but not just vomit...projectile vomiting!!! In fact I missed the bucket one time..."Clean up on aisle six!! LOL"...Sorry Honey....And sorry 'YOU' too, but it had to be said! :-)
     And what were the contents of it?!....sorry again!....It was my morning surprise all of it's colorful glory!! YUCK!!!...I was almost choked to death my the chunks....Sorry. I know this isn't what you're used to me talking about here. O_O
     Anyway...the pain still didn't totally subside, and now I was REALLY concerned...and exhausted! Hubby had his finger on the dial to the doctor already, but I told him to wait and let me rest before he made the phone call...He had such a worried look on his face. Poor baby. :-(
    And you're not gonna believe it, but the exact same thing happened a second time!!...Mask off....then YOU KNOW!...but this time...the pain disappeared!!! I felt so much better!!...Long story short...although it may be too late for that! LOL...I think I had a case of food poisoning...I think. O_O I've never had food poisoning as far as I know, so I'm not sure.
    I've been drinking lots of water...and chicken soup broth...since last night...(because I don't want anything with a 'chunk factor' in my stomach right now!!...not even my chocolate covered strawberries...which oughta tell you something! ^_^)...and I've been sipping on my green tea, of course.
    I feel fine...for the most part. Just tired. But tired is my middle name lately, so it may not have anything to do with this incident!...I'm gonna take it slow today. I'm not sure if I'm even gonna crochet! know I will at some point, right?! ^_^ Even in my worst hour I can find time to do two my Bible...and crochet!! :-) I never get 'that' sick so as to not do one or the other...or both!!! LOL
    I know what I won't be doing FOR SURE! I won't being eating any delivered or fast food meals! It's gonna be hubby's cooking all the way today...and maybe tomorrow and the next day too!! :-] ... Even 'he' was surprised to hear me say that!! LOL...Oh Yeah! I'm declaring the Wug household a 'spew and chunk' free zone!! LOL...And I hope the same is true for your house too!! ^_^ Have a good day, everybody! Think calm and pretty thoughts! :-)

 Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor! How are you?!
Me?!...I guess I'm doing fine.
Yes, I take my medication.
No, my heart has not flat lined.

Yes, I know I'm getting older.
No, I'm not a basket case.
Yes, I'm drinking all my water.
No, I'm not making a face!

Doctor, you are so funny.
Not 'ha! ha!'...The things you ask!
And I'm not sure how to answer.
Who knew questions were a task?!

Bye, bye Doctor! It's been nice,
like root canals done at the Mall.
Yes, I'll see you next go round.
No, I won't forget to call!     


  1. Oh my goodness ... what a dreadful experience! It really does sound like you had a terrible case of food poisoning. No fun at all! It really saps the energy our of you. Thank goodness you are feeling better. I am sure a little rest and bland food will speed up your recovery. It's always a pleasure to view the fabulous Etsy treasury items your feature! Take care!

  2. Hi Julie!...I agree...'DREADFUL!' But, thankfully, I'm feeling much better today. I've even eaten some solid food...VERY carefully! ^_^ ... By the way, I'm so glad you like the Etsy items too! And thank you for stopping by to let me know! ♥

  3. Oh poor Wug!! That must have been horrible!! But I am glad you're better now. Who would've thought that you would beg your hubby to cook for you! LOL But I sure don't blame you. Food poisoning is the pits!!
    Take care my friend!!

    Cute poem!

    1. I know, huh?!...about the begging hubby to cook for me thing! LOL But rest assured...his cooking is waaaay better than food poisoning!!! ^_^ ... Thanks for the comment, and for the nice words about the poem too, my friend. ♥


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