Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Starting To Feel Like A Pre-Cooked Lobster!!

      "Okay...what's up with the lobster, Wug?"...I know that's what you're thinking, right?! ^_^ Well, I'll tell you! ^_^ One...because it's so cute!...Two...because that's how I'm feeling this morning after waking up late.....or was it early?!....No. It was late!! LOL
       I feel like I'm just about to be in hot water...You know, like a lobster, just before dinner time! ^_^ I took one of my little 'naps' last night around 7 p.m., and woke up around 10 p.m.! O_O Yeah! That was 'some' nap!!
      Then I couldn't get back to sleep! So hubby and I watched some of the country music awards show, and made some crochet beaded keychains...

     Well, actually, hubby made them to give as free gifts to my customers....I was crocheting a couple of new lapel pins for my Wuglyees Etsy shop...

     I sold over 10 items this weekend!! Now I've got a list 'YAY' long of boutonnieres and lapel pins I have to replace!!...Speaking of which...and I hope my customer doesn't mind me telling you this...I got a 'convo' (Etsy email) from a customer who ordered a lot of boutonnieres...A LOT!! His convo made me smile. :-)
     He said that he was a dapper dude, and that on his daily commute, he sees a few other dapper dudes. Secretly, he says, they all compete with each-other (nods, smiles, head-shakes, approvals, etc.), but that usually he gets the most positive nods...because he wears the best pocket squares and scarves!
        But then he says 'All of a sudden, my biggest competitor shows up with these crochet boutonnieres and lapel pins!' He was like, "Oh no!" ^_^ He says they looked great! Now his biggest 'competitor' is the one that's been receiving the most nods since then!... Then he said: "So I can't wait for my beautiful boutonnieres to arrive." ^_^
      Now you know why I'm feeling like the boiling temperature has been turned up, right?! ^_^ ... Whew! Is it getting hot in here?! O_O

      Anyway! Back to what I was saying! LOL...I worked on my lapel pins, and then hubby and I went to bed...around 2:45 a.m.!!!...We just weren't sleepy!
       The next thing I knew it was 8 a.m.!! I had no particular order...take my pill, take a bath, write my blog, crochet some boutonnieres, do my Bible reading and studying, have some breakfast, comb my hair,...*No! I'm not gonna go into the hair thing. I did that yesterday! LOL*...etc....and etc....and etc!!!!....BOILING!!!!
        So now that I've written that whole dictionary of words... ^_^ ...I can scratch one thing off of the list! ^_^

         Now I'm gonna go and jump in the pot!! Hopefully the list will be a distant memory by nightfall! ^_^

        Have a good rest of this Monday, Everybody! :-)

I Think I Need To...

I think I need to change things up,
flip the script, change direction;
I don't want to lose my love
for that which I have so much affection?

I think I need some brand new eyes,
to see things a different way.
Because the way that I've been seing
really isn't gonna pay.

I think, because it's me, I need
some creative inspiration.
Some sketches, markers, ball point pens,
and some Disney animation.

I think that this may take some time.
It seems a lot for me to do.
So, maybe I should change my mind.
I'll let you know and get back to you! 


  1. Wow!! Congrats on all the sales!! Wish the jewelry business was going so well....but you need this more than I do for sure!! That's awesome that you have a LARGE custom order too!! Hope it never stops for you! Jehovah is definitely providing for you! Wow!! :D

    1. Hi Cindy! :-) And thank you so much about the sales. I'm taking it in stride, because who knows how long it will last! No worries about your beautiful jewelry either. They're gonna be flying out of your shop soon again, I'm sure!!...Enjoy the day, my friend! :-)


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