Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nuptial Treasury...With Candy Mushrooms!

      I apologize 'right off the bat' to those of you used to reading my blog before 9 a.m. in the morning. I'm VERY late today! O_O And I'm not even gonna try to hide why. I slept in...a long, long, long time!! And that's because I took a nap yesterday afternoon that went for about four hours, having me waking up almost at 10 p.m.!!
      Then, after I woke up, I couldn't go back to sleep!... O_O ...until around 1:30 a.m. that is! UGH!...Soooo, here I am at this late hour this morning, trying to write something on the blog...and wipe the sleep from my eyes at the same time! LOL FORGIVE, please!

     Anyway!...I'm thankful to Leslie, the curator of the treasury that's in the header photo today, because without her treasury to share with you I might've been here talking about the details of how to wake your sleepy body parts up after sleeping too long! ^_^ Go ahead...'YOU' say thank you to Leslie also!! LOL
       I'd also like to thank Leslie for sharing my little mustard colored crochet necklace!..

     It's been in the back of my shop, underneath all of the back-stocked items I can't seem to move! :-)) She brought it out and showed it the light of day! :-) ...Speaking of light of day!...Look at the time!!!!!...Gotta go. But I'll be back tomorrow...more awake hopefully!!! :-] Have a good day, Everybody! :-) And click on the treasury and go check out the 'cool' items Leslie put the candy mushrooms below. YUM!!!!!... WARNING though! Browsing through this treasury might keep you awake! ^_^

Logging All My Blogging

What will I talk about?
My camera's ready all the time!
Seems that everything's a subject,
whether ridiculous or sublime.

I upload all my pictures;
Head my post with one I like.
Put the title in the spot
that makes my story come to life.

Then I start the easy part,
talking til my face turns blue!
A little humorous bit of 'ME'!
(Is this what other bloggers do?)

After all my work is done,
and all my photos fit right in,
Then I hit to "Publish Post",
Well, first a "Preview", and a grin.

All that's left is constant checking.
Does anybody even care
that I'm nervous what they think,
and that my heart's all just 'Out There'?!

In the end, I have to like it!
Because it's done, won't hit "Undo"!
It's all fun and being me!
I leave the comments now to "YOU"!


  1. LOL, thanks, Deb! I think how to wake up sleepy body parts would be a perfectly acceptable blog topic for the day, because you can make anything hilarious - but I'm so happy I could provide you with another topic anyway ;)

    1. Maybe I'll do the 'How To' wake up sleepy body parts post on another day! LOL...And thank you for the complement...and for the subject matter. ^_^

  2. Bless you I hope you are having a good day. Love your yellow crochet necklace its so warm and sunny looking. dee x

    1. Hi Delia, Yes, I'm having a better that all body parts are awake and in the pink! ^_^ ... And thank you for the complement on my crochet necklace too!!

  3. It's a pretty treasury for sure! Glad we could share it! Love those mushrooms!!

    Glad you slept so well! Keep up the good work :)

    1. I thought it was a pretty treasury too, Cindy! And the necklace of yours that she chose is one of my favorites! :-) ...By the way, I slept...but not well...just LONG!! LOL


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